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Anne Marie Schubert, JD Biography

Sacramento County District Attorney
Pro to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“In our experience, most survivors want ‘justice’ for the murderers of their family members. Repealing the death penalty will not heal these peoples’ wounds; it keeps them permanently open…

Moreover, victims’ families will always be haunted by the specter that an inmate sentenced to life without parole will suddenly ask the governor to reduce a sentence – as happened recently in the case of a Fresno murderer who waited 36 years and applied for clemency. As long as an inmate sentenced to life without parole lives, the governor could reduce the sentence and a murderer may be released on the streets.

Finally, Briggs [Ron Briggs, former supervisor of El Dorado County in California] is dead wrong to assert that the death penalty has been conclusively shown not to deter crime. Experience and common sense confirm a deterrent effect.”

“California’s Broken Death Penalty System Can Be Fixed,”, July 20, 2016

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Sacramento County District Attorney, Jan. 2015-present
  • Member, Sacramento County Child Death Review Team
  • Board Member, California District Attorneys Association
  • Founder, District Attorney’s Cold Case Prosecution Unit, 2002
  • Founder, Partners Against Chronic Truancy (PACT) program, Sacramento County
  • Sacramento County Supervising Deputy District Attorney, 1996-2015
  • JD, University of San Francisco, 1989
  • BA, Political Science and Government, St. Mary’s College of California, 1986
  • Recipient, Prosecutor of the Year award, 2007
  • Prosecuted over 100 jury trials, including sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and murder cases
Quoted in:
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