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British Medical Association Biography

Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“We do not believe that doctors have any place at an execution.”

British Medical Association, Medicine Betrayed: The Participation of Doctors in Human Rights Abuses, 1992


“The BMA is the doctors’ professional organisation established to look after the professional and personal needs of our members. The BMA represents doctors in all branches of medicine all over the UK.

We are a voluntary association with over two-thirds of practising UK doctors in membership and an independent trade union dedicated to protecting individual members and the collective interests of doctors.”

“About the BMA,” BMA website (accessed May 19, 2010)


“To promote the medical and allied sciences and to maintain the honour and interests of the medical profession.”

“The Trade Union Role of the BMA in the National Health Service,” BMA website (accessed May 19, 2010)

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