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Catholic Church Biography

Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“The Holy See has consistently sought the abolition of the death penalty…”

“Declaration of the Holy See to the First World Congress on the Death Penalty,”, June 21, 2001


“The Roman Pontiff [the Pope], as the successor of Peter, is the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity of both the bishops and of the faithful.

In exercising supreme, full, and immediate power in the universal Church, the Roman pontiff makes use of the departments of the Roman Curia which, therefore, perform their duties in his name and with his authority for the good of the churches and in the service of the sacred pastors.”

“Roman Curia,” (accessed July 29, 2008)


“[T]he initial proclamation of the Gospel or missionary preaching to arouse faith; examination of the reasons for belief; experience of Christian living; celebration of the sacraments; integration into the ecclesial community; and apostolic and missionary witness.”

“Catechism of the Catholic Church,” (accessed July 29, 2008)

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