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Death Penalty Focus Biography

Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?"

“We believe that the death penalty is an ineffective, cruel, and simplistic response to the serious and complex problem of violent crime. It institutionalizes discrimination against the poor and people of color, diverts attention and financial resources away from preventative measures that would actually increase public safety, risks the execution of innocent people, and does not deter crime. We are convinced that when the electorate is informed about the true human and financial costs associated with state-sanctioned killing, the United States will join the majority of nations throughout the world who have abolished it.”

“Mission and Programs – Mission,” entry for Death Penalty Focus(accessed Aug. 27, 2008)


“Founded in 1988, Death Penalty Focus is one of the largest nonprofit advocacy organizations in the nation dedicated to the abolition of capital punishment through public education; grassroots and political organizing; original research; media outreach; local, state and nationwide coalition building; and the education of religious, legislative and civic leaders about the death penalty and its alternatives.”

“General Information – Who We Are,” entry for Death Penalty Focus (accessed Aug. 27, 2008)


“Recruit current and former members of law enforcement and the judiciary to speak out against the death penalty. Identify, organize and empower murder victim family members to speak out against the death penalty. Mobilize faith leaders in California to actively educate their parishioners about the death penalty.”

“Mission and Programs – Mission,” entry for Death Penalty Focus (accessed Aug. 27, 2008)

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