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Frank Zimring, JD Biography

William G. Simon Professor of Law and Wolfen Distinguished Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley
Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“It may even be that the more quickly we end executions, the longer will be the postexecution conflict, because the expectation that executions can continue has been generated over the past two decades and will intensify opposition to any reversal of policy. Whereas postponing the end of executions now and allowing the debate and protest to grow more contentious might make the trauma after abolition less severe because the affection for vigilante values will have already been undermined as part of the primary processes that produce the end of execution. So a short and easy end to executions might have a longer and somewhat more contentious aftermath than would be the case if abolition itself requires a long and angry confrontation. On the other hand, the sooner that executions stop in the United States, the sooner the moral shifts that came only after abolition in Europe can start their ascent in America. On balance, sooner is better than later.”

The Contradictions of American Capital Punishment, 2003

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • William G. Simon Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, 1985-present
  • Wolfen Distinguished Scholar, University of California, Berkeley, 2006-present
  • Director, Earl Warren Legal Institute, University of California, Berkeley 1985-present
  • Llewellyn Professor of Law, University of Chicago
  • Director, Center for Studies in Criminal Justice, University of Chicago
  • Visiting Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Visiting Professor, Yale University
  • Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences
  • Fellow, American Society of Criminology
  • Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Expert Panel Member, US Department of Education Panel on Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools
  • Advisory Member, National Research Council Panel on Juvenile Crime: Prevention, Intervention and Control
  • Principal Investigator, Center on Culture, Immigration and Youth Violence Prevention
  • JD, University of Chicago, 1967
  • BA, Wayne State University, 1963
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