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John P. Conrad, MA Biography

Former Chief of the Center for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation at the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“[T]he death penalty is an anachronism of which society must purge itself so that the process of retributive justice may contribute to order and solidarity rather than to the inflammation of hostility.”

The Death Penalty: A Debate, 1983

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Former Recipient, Bruce Smith Award for Outstanding Contributions to Criminal Justice, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, 1983
  • Former Recipient, Distinguished Alumnus Award, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, 1980
  • Former Visiting Professor, Simon Fraser University
  • Former Visiting Fellow, National Institute of Justice
  • Former George J. Beto Professor, Sam Houston State University
  • Former Senior Program Officer, American Justice Institute, 1979-1981
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Sociology, Ohio State University
  • Former Senior Fellow, Academy of Contemporary Problems, 1972-1979
  • Former Chief, Center for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation, National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, 1967-1972
  • Former Chief of Research, California Department of Corrections, 1963-1967
  • Former Associate Director and Director, International Survey of Corrections for the American Justice Institute, 1960-1962
  • Former Senior Sociologist, Department of Corrections, San Quentin Prison and Soledad Prison
  • Former Psychiatric Social Worker, Veterans Administration
  • Former Parole Officer, California Youth Authority
  • Former US Army Captain, WWII Veteran, discharged 1946
  • MA, Social Service Administration, University of Chicago
  • BA, Political Science, University of California, 1934
  • Died on October 10, 1992
  • Former Recipient, Fulbright Fellowship, London School of Economics, 1958