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Justice Center of the University of Alaska at Anchorage Biography

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“Established in 1975, the Justice Center is an academic, research and public education program serving the entire state of Alaska. The Justice Center undertakes research into justice concerns as they manifest themselves in Alaska. Areas of Center research have included crime and crime prevention, domestic violence, bush justice, and juvenile justice. The Justice Center is responsible for the collection of University of Alaska Anchorage crime and arrest statistics, and it produces and distributes throughout the state the quarterly Alaska Justice Forum, which presents studies and explores issues related to crime and the administration of justice.”

“About the Justice Center,” Justice Center website (accessed Sep. 12, 2008)


“The Justice Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage has a statewide mission to satisfy Alaskan needs for justice-related higher education, research, and services. Academic curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the professional field of justice will encompass the areas of social control and the administration of justice, which includes the fields of criminology, law, and policymaking related to policing, judicial functions, and rehabilitative practices. In the area of research, basic and applied research will be conducted to identify and provide solutions for problems related to the administration of justice in both rural and urban areas of the state in the context of cultural pluralism and rapid economic change. Applied research will be designed for improving the quality and effectiveness of justice services throughout Alaska and the world. In the area of public service, continuing career education, and training for people employed in justice agencies will be offered, as well as general public education concerning crime, crime prevention, the justice system, and law and legal processes. Statewide justice planning, rural justice studies, and technical assistance will be offered to legislative committees and legal and executive justice agencies.”

“About the Justice Center,” Justice Center website (accessed Sep. 12, 2008)

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