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New York State Defenders Association Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“[W]HEREAS, since that time many groups have identified serious flaws and omissions in fairness and consistency, finding that the system is not without risk to the innocent, and many other groups have called for the abolition of the death penalty; and

WHEREAS, events subsequent to the enactment of New York’s death penalty law, including developments in DNA testing which have called into question evidence used to convict defendants sentenced to death, have demonstrated clearly that the death penalty has been imposed on innocent people, minors, the developmentally disabled, and mentally ill individuals in other states; and

WHEREAS, in June 2000, a study entitled “A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases 1973-1995,” … determined that appellate review of death sentences had found reversible error in 68 percent of these sentences, that in 82 percent of the cases retried after reversal a death sentence was not issued, and that in 7 percent of the retried cases the defendant was found not guilty; and…

[W]HEREAS, on January 31, 2000, the State of Illinois suspended executions because 13 people on death row were found to be actually innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted due, in part, to recent developments in DNA testing…

[I]T IS HEREBY RESOLVED THAT the New York State Defenders Association calls upon the executive and legislative branches of New York State government to enact and adopt legislation imposing a moratorium on executions.”

“Resolution” regarding a moratorium on the death penalty,, July 25, 2002


“Operate public defense backup center providing direct technical assistance and training for approximately 4000 defense attorneys and members in New York state.”

“Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax,” Form 990, 2006


“The New York State Defenders Association, a not-for-profit, membership organization, has been providing support to New York’s criminal defense community since 1967. Its mission is to improve the quality and scope of publicly supported legal representation to low income people.”

“About NYSDA,” (accessed Aug. 12, 2008)

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