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Progressive Jewish Alliance Biography

Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“The Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA) opposes the death penalty, and supports the call for a moratorium on executions as a step towards abolition. PJA believes that the death penalty is antithetical to progressive Jewish values.”

“Policy Statement on the Death Penalty,”, accessed on July 25, 2008


“The Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA) was founded in 1999 by Jewish Angelenos seeking to assert an authentic progressive Jewish presence in the campaigns for social justice in Southern California…

[P]JA is a new kind of Jewish organization, one that serves as a vehicle connecting Jews to the critical social justice issues of the day, to the life of the cities in which they live, and to the Jewish tradition of working for tikkun olam…”

“About The Progressive Jewish Alliance,”, accessed July 28, 2008


“PJA educates, advocates and organizes on issues of peace, equality, diversity and justice, as a progressive voice in the Jewish community and a Jewish voice in the progressive community.”

“About The Progressive Jewish Alliance,”, accessed July 28, 2008

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