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Robert Sherrill Biography

Investigative journalist and author
Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“If you tried to sell death-penalty stock on Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission would have you prosecuted for fraud. Capital punishment doesn’t achieve any of the things its backers promise it will, and it is a spectacular waste of time and money…

Revenge? Is that what you want for your money? Well, there are plenty of men and women on the nation’s death rows who rightly provoke that desire: mass murderers, murderers who killed for fun, murderers who killed for hire, who raped and tortured women, who raped and tortured children. There is, of course, a wide range of savagery represented on death row. Some is relatively simple, like the Georgian who killed his lover by jamming a screwdriver into his ear and twisting it, then tried to get rid of the body by cutting it up and flushing it down the garbage disposal.

But you would be better off if you forgot about a-life-for-a-life revenge and began supporting the much cheaper and just as final LWOP [life without parole].”

“Death Trip: The American Way of Execution,” The Nation, Dec. 21, 2000

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