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Society of Correctional Physicians (SCP) Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“The Society of Correctional Physicians hopes that the Court recognizes that these ethical principles (not be involved in any aspect of execution of the death penalty) are vitally important, and that correctional physicians should not be made a part of the legal apparatus for conducting an execution. Along with the AMA, SCP believes that physicians should not participate in executions except to the extent of signing a death certificate. Execution should not be performed as part of a physician managed medical process, and pretending that physician involvement can be ‘demedicalized’ by legislative and/or judicial fiat is naive at best…”

“President’s Message,” Journal of Correctional Health Care, Winter 2008


“The SCP developed a formula still in use today: a quarterly newsletter, one or more annual meetings with lectures and presentations tailored to correctional physicians, and a constructive relationship to other correctional organizations… To date, SCP national meetings have always been conducted in conjunction with national meetings of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, the American Correctional Health Services Association, or the Correctional Medical Institute.”

“Mission & Vision Statements,” Society of Correctional Physicians website (accessed Jul 15, 2008)


“To enroll qualified correctional physicians in a national educational and scientific society which has been established to provide a repository of knowledge and expertise; To encourage research in correctional health care issues; To review, promote and establish the highest ethical ideals and service standards in correctional medicine through the use of publications and meetings; and To elect officers who will represent these ideals and standards to national organizations, governmental agencies and the general public whenever possible in order to support, encourage and develop more humane and effective correctional environments and health services.”

“Mission & Vision Statements,” Society of Correctional Physicians website (accessed Jul 15, 2008)

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