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Con to the question "Should the Death Penalty Be Legal?"

“Capital punishment is not only an atrocity, but also a stain on the record of the world’s most powerful democracy. Doctors should not be in the job of killing. Those who do participate in this barbaric act are shameful examples of how a profession has allowed its values to be corrupted by state violence.”

“Medical Collusion in the Death Penalty: An American Atrocity,” Editorial, The Lancet, Apr. 16, 2005


“The Lancet first appeared on Oct 5, 1823. From the beginning, Thomas Wakley’s [founder] aim was to entertain, instruct, and reform. Instruction came in the form of transcribed medical lectures from the London teaching establishment; entertainment in the early days of the journal came in the form of theater reviews and piquant political comment… The journal was, and remains, independent, without affiliation to a medical or scientific organisation. More than 180 years later, The Lancet is an independent and authoritative voice in global medicine.”

“About Us,” The Lancet website (accessed Sep. 12, 2008)


“The Lancet has been, first and foremost, a reformist medical newspaper. Thomas Wakley and his successors aimed to combine publication of the best medical science in the world with a zeal to counter the forces that undermine the values of medicine, be they political, social, or commercial… We seek to publish high-quality clinical trials that will alter medical practice; our commitment to international health ensures that research and analysis from all regions of the world is widely covered.”

“About Us,” The Lancet website (accessed Sep. 12, 2008)

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