States That Authorize the Death Penalty for Crimes Other than Murder

Below are the 8 states that permit the death penalty for crimes other than murder. Click a state to see more information about its death penalty requirements.

STATE CRIME (statute)
Arkansas Treason (§ 5-4-104)
California* Treason (CA Penal Code § 37-38)
Colorado Treason (§ 18-11-101)
Florida Drug Trafficking (§ 921.142)
Georgia Hijacking an aircraft (§ 16-5-44)
Treason (§ 16-11-1)
Louisiana Treason (R.S. 14:113)
Mississippi Aircraft Piracy (§ 97-25-55)
Treason (§ 97-7-67)
Missouri Treason (§ 576-070)

*Governor Gavin Newsom placed a moratorium on the use of the death penalty from Mar. 13, 2019 to the end of his term.

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